We help companies grow, through pairing knowledge, technology, design and best practices, within our unique product suite:

Digital Platform
powerful, high-end and scalable, our platform supports a full set of integrated e-commerce solutions for Travel and Retail / FMCG.
Professional Services
from business and ΙCΤ consulting to building turn-key solutions, we can help you successfully carry out any project or contract, with our system architects, senior engineers, project managers, designers, developers, and support staff.
WiCube Internet Station - WiFi Data & Mobile Engagement Services
get your team, guests and customers online and communicate your message in the right place, at the right time.
Vertoyo CloudBenefIT
you can get the server you need, the key services to enhance and protect it and our unparalleled 24/7 support and expertise to set you up for business.
We are a group of tech-obsessed professionals who share the same passion: help companies engage better with their customers in a fast-paced digital landscape.
Whether it be a smart mobile app or a sophisticated enterprise portal, we put in all our imagination, skills and expertise to deliver excellence. We work with start-ups to help launch new products, with growing enterprises to help boost their productivity and with large organizations to help “unbundle” their complex ecosystem and improve their core functions.
With a market orientation in vertical EMEA market segments, among other areas we have a clear focus on Food Industry.
The food industry is undergoing an almost total change, owing to urbanization, globalization and digitalization. We employ advanced technologies to develop smart solutions that meet the demands of the conscious customers of today on food quality, food safety, food innovation, personalization of dietary choices, all maximizing customer experience. In this context, we have won R&D grants for new ICT solutions in the Food Market.