Our Hiring Philosophy

Vertoyo is the perfect meeting point for young professionals, tech savvy and talented people who want to bring their talent to the table and build along with us, a better professional future. At Vertoyo, we strive towards building strong personal relations both externally and internally, and this has become part of our hiring culture.That’s why we have a flat organizational structure, and we value teamwork and mutual success. For us, Technology is the common ground to flourish and develop together and we believe that there’s enough space for everyone!So, if you are ready to grab your next professional opportunity in an environment where work/life balance is a priority, Join us now with your spontaneous application or by applying directly through our LinkedIn Page, or by e-mail.


We care more about the results that you bring and less about the time schedules and we also embrace e-working options

Come as you are

Bring yourself, dress as yourself. We don’t care about dress codes, just wear your smile and your positive vibe.

Competitive Salaries

We offer salaries and paid benefits that make workers happy.

Private Insurance Plan

We care about your mental and physical health and we want to make you feel secure If things go wrong