OUR WiFi DATA SOLUTION WiCube Internet Station - WiFi Data & Mobile Engagement Services Get your team, guests and customers online and communicate your message in the right place, at the right time, to the right audience.
THE CHALLENGE People seek to connect to a free wifi network, without the hassle of searching for and typing access keys, as soon as they arrive anywhere. Venues and event organizers need to provide reliable and fast internet access to their guests, ensuring the same for their operational needs, while promoting their brand and content. Advertising brands want to target exact audiences with the right messaging, to validate reach and effectiveness. THE SOLUTIONIt’s just a simple box on the outside, but on the inside WiCube Internet Station is a perfectly constructed internet kit, designed to provide immediate and flawless WiFi internet access, anytime, anywhere – just plug it in and connect.
Being part of our Digital Platform, it is so much more than a simple Wi-Fi solution:
  • Instant, seamless, secure internet access for all users, as your guests connect and share their experience effortlessly while your team operates internal systems with zero downtime.
  • Tap into a channel of multiple marketing opportunities and create a buzz, promoting your brand, your content, your website and social media pages.
  • We support you with all software licenses, maintenance and management services needed to get you online.