VDP eSOLUTIONS Our VDP Solution for HR/Intranet PeopleForce is a flexible and scalable HR / Intranet solution, designed to improve communication, facilitate collaboration and boost efficiency.
ENGAGE YOUR TEAM AND SHARE RESOURCES Information Sharing Real time company news, events and announcements sharing gets information flowing across your entire organization. Alerts and Notifications Automated alerts and notifications help your team focus on what is important. Collaboration Whether you operate in one or more locations, your employees have access to all the tools and resources they need to work together more effectively. ORGANIZE YOUR WORK ENVIRONMENT Automate workflows and processes Replace paper with online forms, handle personnel background data, absences and performance reviews, apply rules, set permissions and trigger alerts at any stage of a workflow or a process, so that stakeholders know what is expected from them, which actions to complete, in what order, when, how etc. Manage data and business documents Keep all your media files and business documents in order, organizing them in folders and subfolders.
SECURITY AND INTEGRITY MATTERS A secure interface for all employees Create a single central repository for all corporate documents (forms, presentations, policies, procedures) and data, which can be available online 24/7. Staff access can be free or role-controlled, at the user, group, folder or document level to ensure the effective management of sensitive or confidential information. CONTENT MANAGEMENT Create engaging content Our solution comes with easy-to-use tools for creating, editing and managing content and a variety of data handling options and media files support.
Key highlights:
  • Organization chart
  • Personnel Directory
  • Facilities and Resource Booking (meeting room reservations / helpdesks)
  • Calendar (business events, other events)
  • Posts (news, announcements)
  • Alert Notifications
  • Personnel Background Information Management (experience and education)
  • Work Flows Automation
    • Management of personnel absences (annual leave, sick leave, public holidays)
    • Personnel Performance Review (performance measuring, tracking and goal management)
    • Approval Flows (applications, forms)
    • Timesheets