OUR CLOUD SOLUTION CloudBenefIT You can get the server you need, the key services to enhance and protect it and our unparalleled 24/7 support and expertise to set you up for business:
HOW THIS HELPS YOU Managing a server takes valuable time - and money - away! We can host and manage your environments, giving you access to the most enabling technologies available. You only pay for the resources you actually use with our pay-as-you-go business model, while your team is free to work on your core business projects.

Working on the GO Reshape your workplace, access all your data and systems, stored to the cloud, online from anywhere, anytime, with zero physical constraints, to improve collaboration within your business and eliminate complexity.

Minimizing the risk of failures upon traffic overflow You can access computing resources and scale up or scale down, as needed, quickly, easily and efficiently.

Be at ease - stay protected Designed with a robust security foundation, privacy layers and back up & recovery mechanisms, our solution ensures that you work securely, both within and beyond the four walls of your office.

Enjoy unparalleled support services Our experienced engineers are always available to provide dedicated support and care, whenever you need it. What is important to you is crucial to us!
It is simple;
  • Our solutions architects analyze your unique business needs and requirements and design a customized and scalable solution for you.
  • Our engineers implement your customized solution and test the new environment, to make sure it meets your specifications.
  • Our onboarding experts work with you during migration and deployment to bring your data and applications on to the new system and guarantee a seamless transition.
  • Our support team will then take care of all the rest: from servers monitoring to routine maintenance and troubleshooting, software and operating systems updates, performance analysis and optimization, back-up &amp restore, we’ve got it covered!